In the last ten years, I built an informal research group, which at present includes 17 researchers. We develop methods for constraint-based data mining, predicting structured outputs, and automated modelling of dynamics systems and apply them to problems from systems biology and ecology.I coordinated the project IQ, which produced a general framework for data mining, leading to representational ontologies for datatypes and data mining) and methodological advances (methods for predicting structured outputs based on constrained predictive clustering). I participated in two EU-funded projects in the area of systems biology (E.E.T. Pipeline, PHAGOSYS).


  • Data Mining, Machine Learning and their Applications in Environmental Sciences (Ecological Modeling, Systems Ecology); Language Resources and Technologies; Life Sciences (Bioinformatics, Systems Biology); Medicine (Diagnostics and Prognostics)
  • Combining Classifiers, Ensemble Learning and Meta-Learning
  • Computational Scientific Discovery, Automated Modeling of Dynamic Systems
  • Constraint-Based Data Mining, Inductive Databases, Inductive Queries
  • Inductive Logic Programming, Relational Data Mining
  • Mining Data Streams, Data Science, Big Data Analytics
  • Structured Output Prediction, Semi-Supervised Learning.